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Bedtime Bath Soak

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Bedtime Bath Soak is a blend of Chamomile Flowers, California Poppy Leaves, and Flowers dried at their peak and carefully blended with French Gray Sea Salt and Pacific Sonoma Coast Sea Salt. This sea salt bath soak is as nourishing as a giant cup of tea for your whole self.

Notice the plants as they float in the tub with you and help to soak away irritability and stress. Add 4-8 tablespoons to a warm bath, you can also add another cup of epsom salts if you want. Use a mesh strainer to remove petals before draining the tub. Dried plants have a very subtle fragrance, you’ll receive benefits even if you can’t smell each plant. Mindful attention will help you pick up on the gentle fragrances and the other benefits this soak offers. Use as part of your weekly ritual.

Consider the sensation of returning back to yourself, of letting go of the day. Use this bath soak in ritual to call in the spirit of creativity, imagination, promise, rest, dreaming.  

Return To Before, Rest, Unwind

Size: 8 oz

Sonoma Sea Salt, French Grey Sea Salt, California Poppy Leaf and Flower, Chamomile Flower

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