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Spring Seasonal Box


Find your ritual with sustainably foraged, organically grown, and mindfully prepared botanicals products. This spring box is designed to help you care for your skin, connect with the element of air and build meaningful rituals with yourself and plant friends.  

Spring is the time of possibilities, the time of beginnings. As we emerge from winter -- a time of gathering resources and building foundations -- and enter into spring, it is time to imagine, to create, and to become. Air, which is associated with spring, always finds an opening. It imagines things from a new perspective and nurtures possibility. Use each item in this box to explore and create your own rituals and connections with the season, the elements, and the plants. 

This season’s box contains a variety of small batch botanical self-care products to call on the magic of Spring: 

  • Nourishing Oil - Rose Hip
  • Air Soap - Yarrow
  • Awaken Vinegar - Nettle
  • Sweetness Body Butter - Chamomile
  • Uplift Solid Perfume - Violet Enfleurage
  • 3 trial size samples
  • Dried plant bundle for your altar or decoration
  • Informational card detailing each product and ideas for your own rituals.
  • 20% discount code for all future Mae Botanicals purchases

Engaging with the season and elements, you are already reconnecting with ritual. And this box can be a powerful way to find your own unique rituals. Rituals of self-connection, rituals honoring the solstice and equinox, rituals to be with the moon, the land, your ancestors, rituals to deepen relationship with the natural world, the land and yourself. 

The informational card provides a set of associations for the season. Each product comes with a phrase that you can use in your own rituals and ideas for how to call on the spirits of the plants and the natural world. 

Magic is Relationship

Each box ships for a flat rate of $10

Spring Seasonal Box - Air - ships week of March 15

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