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Uplift Solid Perfume


Beautiful violets are one of the first flowers to pop up in spring! Call on the fragrance of violets as you greet the rising light of spring to evoke vibrancy of imagining new ways of being. This solid perfume or Enfleurage Pomade, is created using a slow and labor-intensive process that preserves the true-to-life fragrance of the flower. Uplift Solid Perfume has a delicate fragrance that calls on imagination as your senses are awakened.This solid perfume is made to be used in ritual, the delicate and light fragrance is something that will only be appreciated as you pay attention to it, a fragrance for you and those that are closest to you. There are no overwhelming synthetic fragrance oils or added essential oils. Just the natural fragrance of violet flowers and the essence of the plant. Use in personal ritual as a way to engage your senses, to deepen your personal connection with violet, and to do something that is just for your enjoyment.

In the rising light, I awaken, entranced by imagination

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