Nettles: Cross the Threshold and Call Yourself Forth

Nettles are mighty little plants with a host of healing, rejuvenating, and magical offerings. Learn how nettles can help you support and awaken your mind and body this spring.

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The Reuse Program

Preserving resources is one of our main goals at Mae Botanicals. That’s why we created the Reuse Program. By returning your used bottles, you can help reduce waste—and get 10% off your next sale. The process is fast and simple:

1.    Email to get a prepaid shipping label.
2.    Print your label and return your empty bottles in the mail.
3.    Once we get your bottles, we’ll email you a promocode for 10% off.
4.   Close the loop by purchasing your favorite product in a reused container.

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Everyday Rituals Collection

Who these products are for

Mae Botanicals products are not gendered. Relationship to self, earth, ritual, and all life is bigger than any gender binary. Use what feels good for your body. 

Mae Botanicals is a fat positive, body affirming, anti-white supremacist, Queer-celebrating, anti-capitalist, Indigenous-honoring company. We are always in study to deepen our understanding of the ways we have participated in harm, and the ways we can come into right relationship with the earth and all its creatures.

For everyone who resonates with these values, who is yearning
for meaning, ritual, integrity, and wholeness in how we live our lives -
these products are for you.