About Kari Logan ND, BCB, EAMP


Hi, I’m Dr. Kari. I use she/her pronouns. I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Biofeedback Practitioner, Herbalist, and Gardner. I started Mae Botanicals in 2019 but I have been making my own skin care products since 2011. I’ve always had dry, irritated skin and store bought products had never worked for me, so I started experimenting with different butters and oils. I learned how to make my own soap and fell in love with the process. My training as a Naturopathic Doctor and Chinese herbalist gave me the extensive training and knowledge of plants and formulations that have allowed me to develop the products you see today. Since then, I’ve learned how to make all the products we offer from skin oil to bath salts. Each recipe is something that I personally make, use, and enjoy. 

I am descendant from the people living on the land now called Japan and Scotland, I was born on the ancestral lands of the Ohlone people, and have spent time living on the ancestral lands of the Ute, Paiute, and Salish Kootenai peoples. I am currently residing on the lands of the Coast Salish, Snohomish and Confederated Tulalip Tribes. I have been tending a front yard garden on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people. I have been building relationship with the plants and spirits that live on this land for the last 4 years. I also have relationship with the land and plant spirits in several areas in the North Cascades including the traditional lands of the Wenatchi Tribe and Tulalip Tribe. 



About The Process

Each part of production - from preparing the soil for seeds, to harvesting, to processing and packaging is done with ritual, love, and intention. Our hope is that you take time to feel that care and ritual for yourself as you use the products, and through that for the earth, the plants, and all living creatures who have worked so hard to bring this gift of care to you. When you find that connection and gratitude, you will also find your ritual.

Growing and Harvesting

Garden About The Process Mae Botanicals

The plants used in each of our creations are grown in my little front yard garden, a friend's land that I help tend, or are harvested from the wild places of the North Cascades. I only harvest from places that I have a relationship with. I have been visiting and tending to my wild harvesting spots for many years now and will do so for many years to come regardless of if I continue to harvest there or not. These places are my friends. I only wild harvest plants that are abundant in the area. You will never find a rare, endangered, or culturally significant plant in our products. As such, I only use windfall cedar and other conifer plants. I talk to the plants, asking for their consent to be harvested, asking what products they would like to be made into. I listen to the spirits of soil, land, compost and the deities of harvest, growth, and sovereignty. I formulate all plants in accordance with the seasons and with the guidance of my benevolent and kind ancestors. 

Processing Plants

Harvest Basket About The Process Mae Botanicals

All of our oils use only fresh plants, less than 4 hours from harvest to starting the maceration. Every oil that I make spends 4-6 weeks soaking up the essence of the plants, I use a low temperature heat cycling to remove as much of the water as possible, and extract as much of the oil soluble compounds as possible. For the bath soak, sugar scrub, and soap, I grow and dry in small batches for the least amount of time, in a low temperature fan dehydrator. I generally try to harvest and start macerations at the full moon and press on the new. The schedule varies depending on when the plants are at peak harvest time and when they are willing and excited to be harvested. 


Oils About The Process Mae Botanicals

I purchase all my oils from the most sustainable sources that I can find, I give preference to business that are local, femme/trans/NB/woman owned, and/or BIPOC owned. I am currently exploring and developing relationship to source locally grown and pressed sunflower oil and tallow. 


Containers About The Process Mae Botanicals

Containers use as little plastic as possible, and recycled glass when available. We also gladly accept returns of our containers for reuse. Return any of our containers and they will be cleaned, sterilized, filled with new product, and available for a 10% discount. If there is a reuse container available, you will see an option for a "New Container" or "Reuse Container" before you add to your cart.



Who these products are for

Mae Botanicals products are not gendered. Relationship to self, earth, ritual, and all life is bigger than any gender binary. Use what feels good for your body. 

Mae Botanicals is a fat positive, body affirming, anti-white supremacist, Queer-celebrating, anti-capitalist, Indigenous-honoring company. We are always in study to deepen our understanding of the ways we have participated in harm, and the ways we can come into right relationship with the earth and all its creatures. For everyone who resonates with these values, who is yearning for meaning, ritual, integrity, and wholeness in how we live our lives - these products are for you.



Mae Botanicals makes the most high quality botanical products I have found. They feel and smell amazing on my skin. And they help me connect to the plants and to myself in the most beautiful way.

- Lindsay

I absolutely love the facial oil, shampoo bar, and clarifying hair rinse from Mae Botanicals. The shampoo bar + rinse are the perfect combination; they clean my hair thoroughly but do not strip it or make it feel dry. Everything about this business is thoughtful and intentional--from the ingredients that go into the products to the way that they are packaged. I can't wait to try more products!

- Sara

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