Mae Botanicals was started in 2019 by Dr. Kari Logan, a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Community Witch, Herbalist, and Gardener. Dr. Kari started learning about and making herbal skincare for her own dry and sensitive skin in 2013. She used her training as a community witch, herbalist, and doctor to create an effective and connective line of skincare developed in deep relationship with the plants.

Mae Botanicals products will always be…

    • free of essential oils and synthetic ingredients
    • handmade in small batches to ensure vibrancy, potency, and freshness 
    • infused with that year’s plants grown in the Mae Botanicals gardens
    • made from ethically sourced and nourishing ingredients
    • utilizing minimal packaging, minimal plastic, and recyclable containers
    • shipped with recycled, recyclable, or compostable packing materials
    Mae Botanicals Gardens

    Who these products are for

    Mae Botanicals products are not gendered. Relationship to self, earth, ritual, and all life is bigger than any gender binary. Use what feels good for your body.

    Mae Botanicals is a fat positive, body affirming, anti-white supremacist, Queer-celebrating, anti-capitalist, Indigenous-honoring company. We are always in study to deepen our understanding of the ways we have participated in harm, and the ways we can come into right relationship with the earth and all its creatures. For everyone who resonates with these values, who is yearning for meaning, ritual, integrity, and wholeness in how we live our lives - these products are created with you in mind.