An Autumn Ritual with Marshmallow

Marshmallow or Althea officinalis is a lovely plant that helps to soothe and retain moisture in your skin. Often associated with the element of water, they have soft fuzzy leaves and beautiful white and purple flowers, all reminiscent of the Moon. All parts of the marshmallow plant, including the roots and flowers, are filled with moistening mucilaginous polysaccharides (pectins and starches). This high mucilage content helps form a protective, soothing gel. The root is often used as a cold infusion tea or as a powdered supplement.

Soften Face Mask

Mae Botanicals’ Soften Face Mask is made with marshmallow flowers, colloidal oats, and sustainably harvested Canadian sea clay. It’s a seasonal favorite! The marshmallow flowers add abundant polysaccharides to hold water and help balance the drying effect of clay on your skin. Soften Face Mask helps to refine pores, clear away excess dirt and impurities, and give your face natural radiance.

During Autumn and the time of Water, the veil thins and it becomes easier to reconnect with self and with your benevolent and kind Ancestors. Marshmallow helps us connect to the deep and flowing waters that are your past, present, and future and is one way to connect with Ancestor. At the end of this post, I offer a suggested ritual using Soften Face Mask to help make those connections!

Marshmallow Flower - Mae Botanicals

Reconnect with Ancestor

Remember that Ancestors are those who have walked before you - not just your your wise and well healed blood relatives, but also your musical ancestors, your queer ancestors, your magical ancestors, your philosophical ancestors, your ancestors of trade, your ancestors of gardening; the list is endless. Consider the ways that you can connect with all of your Ancestors.

Water calls us to fully embody ourselves, to fully feel our feelings. Use Marshmallow as an ally to help you soften and allow space for all of these feelings. Where are the dry hard channels that you can divert these cool and healing waters to to restore softness and new life? What will change as a consequence of this re-filling and reconnection to water? Drop into the everfilling pool of yourself and take the time to notice and allow the emotions to rise and to fall away.

A Ritual for Marshmallow: Connecting with Water, Softening 

Create a space where you can be still and notice how things currently are. Maybe light a candle, put on your favorite song, and turn off your notifications.

Call yourself back to yourself, gathering all the bits of you that may have been left behind over your day or week (that meeting you are still worried about, the conversation with your mom, the fun time you had the other day). Allow these pieces to return to the here and now. Start to notice the aspects around you as you gather the tools and ingredients you’ll use for this ritual. What is the temperature of the floor, how does the bottle of face oil feel in your hand, what is your breath like right now? Know that you don't need to change anything, you can allow each of these things to be exactly as they are right now.

Face Care Ritual with Mae Botanicals
Gather your tools:
Soften Face Mask
Remembrance Hydrosol (Note: you can substitute any liquid here, including water, honey, infused tea, or another favorite hydrosol)
Restoration Facial Oil (or Radiance Facial Oil)
A small bowl
Small spoon or silicone spatula (you can also use your fingers for this)

First pick up your jar of Soften Face Mask. As you pick up the jar, notice: can you connect with Marshmallow? What would it be like to soften into your physical body? Can you allow the waters to flow in and through you? What else does marshmallow have to say to you?

Scoop 1-2 teaspoons of Soften Face Mask into your bowl, and then add 1-2 teaspoons of Remembrance Hydrosol or other liquid (see ideas in the recipe above). Stir well with your spoon or spatula, then allow to sit for 3-5 minutes. You can use this time to talk with Marshmallow, or to notice your connection with Water or to sit back and enjoy a moment of silence. After this time has passed, give your mask another stir. If it is too thick you can add a small amount of hydrosol to reach a spreadable consistency.

If you would like to make your mask extra nourishing, add 1-2 pumps of Restoration Facial Oil at this time. Mix well, then apply the mask to your face in a thin, even layer using a silicone spatula or your fingers. Notice the sensation of the mask as you smooth it onto your skin. Can you attend to each sensation?

Now sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. Take this time to drop into the ever flowing pool of yourself and allow yourself to simply be in this space. What do your waters have to say to you today? What is the sensation of each emotion? Where is it located in the body? How does it shift and change over time?

Before the mask fully dries, gently rinse your face, taking the time to gently massage the mask off in circles to provide a little exfoliation if you desire. Then pat your face dry.

Mist your face with Remembrance Hydrosol to remember the flowing waters that carry you into the sea, the roots that hold you tight, and the ancestors that have walked with you for all this time.

Finally, massage 1-2 pumps of Restoration Facial Oil slowly onto your skin, taking the time to connect with the cooling wisdom of seeds flying in the breeze, and of shoots rising into the air as you inhale the earthy-green fragrance. Call in the spirit of regrowth from destruction, Ancestor, and calm waters.

Give thanks and gratitude to yourself, to the plant friends, to the water and to all the sentient beings that joined you in your time.

Ask that the knowing and peace that is yours to take with you would join you as you leave this time and that which would not serve would be left behind. 

Marshmallow Flower Harvest - Mae Botanicals