Radiance Ritual Box

Find Your Ritual with a Radiance Ritual Box

Roses teach us how to soften and remember our radiant hearts through self-intimacy and strong boundaries.


Use this box to create a space for healing, remembering, and softening from behind a veil of protective thorns.


Each box contains Rose Hydrosol, Dried Rose Petals, and one hand-dipped beeswax taper candle blessed with Rose. This box was designed to connect the line between skincare and ritual care. Use each item in the ways that you choose. I have listed a few suggestions below.

Suggestions for use:

Radiance Hydrosol:

Use to carry your intention as you set a container or to clear space. Spray all around you and allow the mist to gently fall upon and around you as you call into being your container for the day. Or mist generously around the room to set the edges of your ritual space before asking Rose to be the guardian of the boundaries while you pray at your altar, or work your magic. You can also use Radiance Hydrosol as a toner like any other hydrosol, this is a traditional rose water. Rose water is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and can be used as a toner to cool, soothe, and rebalance skin pH.


Dried Rose Petals:

Use these rose petals as an offering on your altar or as a spell ingredient. Or add these beautiful petals to a cool bath during the heat of Summer. I encourage you to take a moment before doing anything, and hold these petals in your hands, close your eyes and reach out through your heart to the Spirit of Rose. Introduce yourself and ask if they have any wisdom or thoughts to share. Quiet your mind and doubts to simply listen, what does Rose have to say to you?


Beeswax Taper Candle:

Burn as you take a cool bath or in the evenings for illumination as you prepare for bed. You can use it as a place to set your intentions on your altar or to connect with the energies of boundaries, transformation, self-intimacy, and healing. You could also use this candle to light the way for an initiation into self-compassion, to hold space for our own softness, or as an ally for you to witness your grief.

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