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What is the difference between a New Container and a Reuse Container?

Mae Botanicals has a Container Reuse Program! This is a great way to reduce your impact when purchasing skin care items.

As we get returned containers, we clean, sterilize, and refill them. Then they are listed on our website at a 10% discount. A product listed as "New Container" is a brand new never used container, while a "Reuse Container" is product that is in a returned and sterilized container and will automatically have your discount. 

When you are done with your product, you can return your empty to any event that Mae Botanicals is vending at, return in person or by mail to the office at 5414 Barnes Ave NW Suite 1 Seattle WA 98107

How do Mae Botanicals products get their fragrance?

The scent of all Mae Botanicals products comes exclusively from the fresh plant material extracted in the base oils. We never use additional essential oils or fragrance oils. Our products simply smell like what the plants smell like. This is often a more delicate or light fragrance than is experienced in other products. This extraction method allows for most people with fragrance sensitivities to both use and be around those that have used Mae Botanicals products.

Why can't I return anything?

Due to the small-batch nature and topical use, Mae Botanicals cannot offer returns or exchanges of any kind. In the rare event of you not totally enjoying what you got, we suggest you gift it to someone who would.

Why does my Body Butter ship with an ice pack?

Mae Botanicals Body Butters are temperature sensitive and during summer months will be shipped with an ice pack to minimize melting. If you order a Body Butter while there are high temperatures it may arrive as a liquid, simply pop it in the refrigerator for 10 - 30 min and it will re-solidify. Depending on how melted the body butter is, you may have lost all the whipped in air bubbles. Your product is still usable and awesome.